Hoppin' With Jonathan London  
                          Jonathan London's Froggy series is one of our favorites! Did you know he has written over 50 books? They aren't all about our favorite character either. I hope you find something to use with an author study of Jonathan London.                       
          Author Information for Jonathan London
This is a simple site that gives basic information about the author. Plus, there are some online games and activities. That's where I got this adorable background!

A Sampling of his book titles!

Froggy Eats Out
Froggy's First Kiss
Froggy Gets Dresses
Froggy Goes to Bed
Froggy Goes to the Doctor
Froggy Goes to School
Froggy Learns to Swim
Froggy Plays in a Band
Froggy Plays Soccer
Froggy Takes a Bath
Let's go, Froggy!
Hip Cat
Park Beat: Rhymin' Through the Seasons
I See the Moon and the Moon Sees Me
Ali, Child of the Desert
Baby Whale's Journey
Dream Weaver
Eyes of Gray Wolf
Ice Bear and Little Fox
Loon Lake
Mustang Canyon
Panther: Shadow of the Swamp
What the Animals Were Waiting For
Ideas For Extending His Books
 Alliteration and onomatopoeia is a staple in the Froggy series. This involves having words in a sequence all start with the same first letter and words that represent sounds. After reading any of the Froggy books, have the children chime in with the whimsical, repeated sound words. For a writing extension, students draw a picture of Froggy labeled with his "sounds."Flip! Flap!Flop!

After reading several of the Froggy books, brainstorm other titles for a new Froggy adventure. As a class collaboration, use one of the ideas and write a class book. Older children can write them individually or work with a partner.

Adventure. As a class collaboration, use one of the ideas and write a class book. Older children can write them individually or work with a partner.

How about some Froggy Centers or Stations? Maybe even a Froggy Celebration set up for one day at the end of the unit. Snacks could be served fit for a frog! Here's a few ideas. Splish! Splash! Splat!
1. Frog Fact Booklet
2. Froggy Paper Bag Puppet
3. Froggy Paper Tube Craft
4. Paper Frog Finger Puppet
5. Paper Plate Frog
6. Accordion Arm and Leg Frog-
7. Listen Station- Many of the Froggy books with accompanying tapes can be purchased from Scholastic.
8. Science Station-Books about real frogs. How about some tadpoles that the children can observe. Here's a great site that tells All About Raising Frogs.
9. Math Center-Make frog math problems. Here are some Frog Counters to have ready for the children.
10. Frog Bookmarks

These wonderful Froggy books are perfect for a reader's theatre. Here is a sample reader's theatreof one my class did last year.

Here is a site that shares a one week lesson plan for exploring the world of Froggy. Lesson Plan for Froggy

"5-W's Poems" are always one of my favorites. In this type of poetry form students tell the Who-did What-When-Where-Why of a story or character in a story. Here are some sample 5-W Poems we wrote last year.

Do you have anything to share? Send it along and I'll add it to the list!




Some frogs have their own rocks
where they sit...
and think
and wink
and look at the world
and nap
and snap
and pretend to be fierce
Sometimes, they play hide and seek,
or leap frog.
And in the evenings
they sing.
They sing high
and low
and soft
Some pucker their lips and whistle.
And to this very day
some frogs
have their own rocks.

But not all...
author unknown